Believing in God? Why?

Deuteronomy 30:13 God will make Satan give back everything he stole? Really? Tell me God what besides my coin collection which I have struggled to pay for have you made Satan give back after over 21 years? 3 x 7 in Gods years?
Joel 2:25 Will restore what the Locust have ate away?
Philippians 4:19 Once again God will provide? My car I have to drive every work day has 210k miles on it its beginning to look like an old piece of crap inside? 64 years old I can even afford a new car yet the job that was taken, I could of bought any vehicle I wanted? GOD WILL PROVIDE? Really in what millennium?
Jeremiah 30:17 EYES, EARS, Throat, Obesity, hair loss, Bad Back, lack of energy, old looking, old feeling, and yet 21 years later and nothing, absolutely NOTHING. Couldn’t be a false God now could it?
Matthew 18:15 restoring relationships? Really? Tell me do you need more time God?
Hosea 6:1 health?
Isaiah 61:7 seems nothing prevents demons from shaming me, SURE DONT SEE no double portion? Not even a half portion, I guess you need more time don’t you God? Couldn’t be a false God now could it?
Mark 10:23-31 God will give back 100 fold NOW all taken for his purpose regardless of what it is?
Luke 18:23-31 God will give back all that is taken or lost because of his purpose regardless of what it is? RETIREMENT? Oh, its not your will but I had it already decided? I see is that how it works, whenever you get backed into a corner and you cant do something we toss out the MY WILL, MY TIME nonsense? Isn’t that how it works GOD?
BY THE WAY MY MOTHER YOUR SO CONCERNED ABOUT, SHE IS ALSO ENTITLED TO THE SAME BLESSINGS, and her wait has been longer try 24 or 25 years. Yet we don’t even feel safe driving her van because the demons are too busy attacking it, even though thousands of prayers by me and hundreds of other believers have been asked in the jews name and seems these demons have more power and authority than a GOD? Must be nice to be so special in Gods eyes to steal lives and be blessed and protected.
Like this one Luke 6:38 do you know how this god repays good deed for good? He takes from my mother and gives to me, and takes from her and gives to me? Robbing peter to pay Paul and neither one of us prospers? REAL MIRACLE JESUS, YOU SHOULD SPEND THE WHOLE DAY PRAISING YOURSELF FOR THIS MIGHTY DEED?
How about a person, who hasn’t been tested claims to be a Christian, and yet, is still sinning after several years of saying he is a Christian? SEEMS LIKE A DOUBLE STANDARD TO ME CHRIST, YET ME AND MOM HAVE LOST EVERYTHING AND NOW LIVE IN A DEMONIC SHIT HOLE? PROVES ONCE AGAIN, THE BIBLE IS NONSENSE and is written by an inferior God who cant defeat a couple demons? Oh if captured or caught. If it takes a God 25 years to figure out who the enemy is then maybe your not putting enough angels on the job Jesus. Seems a lot of scriptures and big promises but gee nothing really happens does it Christ, PRAY WITH THE EXPECTATION OF RECEIVING. Do you believe in false Gods and broken promises Jesus, do you think mistreating one of your own or a couple of your own and blessing a sinner who has no clue who God is fair and just, Forcing people who lost everything to wait on a God who has proved unfaithful and unable to even protect? Joel 2:32 ask for deliverance and you shall be? OKAY OKAY OKAY, and guess what Jesus, NOTHING, drive home demons appear, walk in the house and demons already busy at work, and I have bound these spirits according to Matthew 18:18, 16:19 NO CHANGE, I have given these demons to you as a burden several times and NO CHANGE, I have prayed without ceasing, and no change? COULD IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD, COULD IT BE EVERYTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD Matthew 19;26, Luke 1:37, Jeremiah 32:27 because verily verily I say to you, YOU AINT DONE JACK SHIT….Oh need more time, or buying more time?

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