In need of

In need of breakthrough prayer, please. If you are willing, please pray fervently until you have peace from God that it is done/accomplished: Please pray for the complete healing of my womb. That every encumbrance be put off of me, and that God show me how to do that and that his will be accomplished in this. Please pray that God come quickly to deliver, heal, and end my suffering for good. Pray God’s desired will and purposes for me would be accomplished and that “God delight in the welfare of his servant.” Pray for increased faith, love and humility to walk in the authority God has given me. Please stand with me in faith that all sickness, weakness and infirmity MUST leave right NOW and that every mountain and hindrance be moved out of God’s way of God’s purposes for me and my life in Jesus name. Pray I “would find rest in my husband’s house” like Naomi desired for Ruth in the book of Ruth, to be lifted from my circumstances by God’s mighty hand, and for a great abundance God’s redeeming love and grace.

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