In need of

In need of breakthrough prayer, please. If you are willing, please pray fervently until you have peace from God that it is done/accomplished: Please pray that God come quickly to deliver, heal, and end my misery and suffering for good. Pray every voice that rises up against God’s desired will and purposes for me (WHICH ARE GOOD) and his desired ending of my suffering be silenced in Jesus name. Please stand with me in faith against every demonic lie, plan and scheme that would seek to prolong my misery. Please exercise your kingdom authority to command every opposing demon to be bound and cast to the feet of Jesus in Jesus name. Please stand against all sickness, weakness and infirmity and command every mountain and hindrance to move out of God’s way in Jesus name. Pray I “would find rest in my husband’s house” like Naomi desired for Ruth in the book of Ruth, to be lifted from my circumstances by God’s mighty hand, and for God’s redeeming love and grace.

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