Needing breakthrough prayer

Needing breakthrough prayer in a few areas:

1. Please pray God against the thief, locust and devourer and that God makes a clear path into the work and living situations that are his best will for me at this time. Pray God open doors in alignment with his best will for me and close doors that are not in alignment with his best will. Pray for freedom, and to be established and built up in Christ in all these areas. Pray God’s hand be with me, that God clarify and confirm his will in these things, and provide for every need. Pray God keep me from all distress. Pray God pour out his love, grace and Holy Spirit, take me by my right hand, and take good care of me. Pray God surround me with and keep me within his loving kindness. Pray satan be cast out and bound forever from my work and home. Pray all the work of the enemy be undone and every plan of the devil completely fail. Pray God’s people be blessed and satisfied and the satan be frustrated completely in Jesus name.
2. Please pray God fulfill his purposes for me and my life and for the many other friends and family who are living with unfulfilled purposes on my heart and need the same prayer. Pray God move in power to remove any hindrance or mountain in the way of his will in fulfilling his purposes. Pray for complete healing of my womb and that all fear be cast out with God’s perfect love. Pray God remove every bitter root and regret, remove all the deceptions of the enemy, teach us not to quench his Spirit, and that the Holy Spirit take over. Pray God be the author of our stories and not the devil. Pray to love God, for prayerful, thankful, worshipful hearts and a thirst for God’s Word for us all.
3. Pray for God’s abundant blessing, love, grace and favor throughout the new year for me and my family/loved ones and that all be saved and not even one be lost. Pray for reconciliation. love, faith and hope. Pray every ancestral curse and stronghold of the devil be broken. Pray for victory and satisfaction instead of failure and frustration and for understanding, discernment, wisdom and revelation from God. Pray God heal me with his love and show me his “great and wondrous things I do no know.”

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