Thank God you

Thank God you are taking prayer requests. Keep up the good work. I evangelize regularly in the USA in California a little east of San Francisco and elsewhere. The number of Christians has gone down in our country and I am a small part of making the numbers go up again for God’s glory and for people who desperately need Jesus.
There seems to have been an onslaught of trails, schemes of principalities/the devil to try to make trouble for me. Problems with my health, finances, relationships, temptations, ect. No one threw the kitchen sink at me yet, but who knows. Haha
Please pray for me and the missionary work I do here in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond it. I have a website and after evangelizing I often encourage those I witness to, to go to the website where I have a directory of Churches listed, video testimonies, and advice for new believers and others.
I used to be an antichristian unbeliever so I understand how many of these people that I witness to feel since I used to be like them.
Glory to God for all this. I do have Pastors I talk to, but they are busy and I need more spiritual prayer support, I think so here I am on your website.
1. Please pray that those I evangelized in the last 3 months who were receptive to what I said will watch powerful testimonies on Youtube, go to good Churches or College Christian clubs if they are College students and make friends there, be treated well there, be prayed for there, and get saved there.
2. Please pray for my father who is Catholic, but is getting closer to being saved. Please pray his general health improves and that his mind remains sound and gets even more sound (I was born when he was 53). Please also pray that my dad and I have a good relationship and he is more open-minded toward Christians who are not Catholic. Also, pray for his protection. Even simple things are dangerous when you are elderly.
3. Please pray I have more faith for healing and God will heal me. I have had heart trouble that got better after prayer, but I still need prayer for it. I have had light-headedness, dizziness, headaches, nausea, light sensitivity in my eyes and other health problems. I have experienced being healed before and getting better. I really need God’s help now especially with the headaches and dizziness.
4. Please pray God will help me financially in various ways. That God will bless me in my secular jobs and also provide more financial support as a missionary. At some point in the future, I want to work fewer hours and spend more hours praying, studying God’s words and evangelizing because life is war. We are always in a spiritual war.

Keep up the good work! “…and always keep on praying for all the saints.” Ephesians 6:18b

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