Thank you so

Thank you so much for your faithful support,
• Please continue to pray for me for a job. For God’s wisdom, God’s timing, that I prepare, God´s favor, right door open and right door closed, clarity and certainty, godly healthy boundaries, success, provision, that I can be myself, Good work relations, fulfillment, long term stability, right match with the company’s culture and people, right door open and right door(s) closed, fulfillment, wisdom, discernment, Gods timing, guidance, for a right match which is also a right fit with the availability of the future child daycare place.
• For wisdom, discernment, revelation, that God will speak clearly and lead me into all truth when it comes to the womens defence group I have been visiting for 2 times now, who do sports with boxing and kickboxing. I need wisdom in deciding if I should be going there or not as a Christian, or if it is occult and not a good place to be for me.
• For our finances, for increase of income.

• For my husband his work, for stability and continued success and fulfillment, and for good test results.
• For further healing and deliverance meetings I am having in the coming months with a woman named Dana. And for the emdr process with a non-Christian lady.
• For our marriage.
• For increase in income, more finances, for governmental aid and other financial support and taxes to receive.
Many blessings

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