·         – Continued prayers for us are highly appreciated. My husband is going to discuss his contract and future carreer opportunities in the nearby future. Please pray for this, that my husband will be able to get the best possible outcome and terms of employment out of this, and for wisdom, self-esteem, confidence and knowledge in the negotiation process.
·         – We will meet with an aunt of me this sunday, she has promissed to help us financially with a certain amount, so we will remind her of her promiss to us. Pray for favour, breakthrough and provision.
·         – The new partner of my mom is having his 60th birthday party at 25th September this month. Me and my husband will go there, but not long, because their neighbors will also be there and they are the parents of my ex-boyfriend. Please pray that me and my husband will not get into contact with them at this event and that they will not bother us. Because in the past the dad of my ex-boyfriend came to us when he saw us visiting my mom and acted extremely jealous and harmful that I am now married to someone else than his son, who is no longer a Christian.
·         – Please pray for my healing and deliverance process, I am having deliverance sessions with a good and capable lady. I will meet her next week on Tueseday. My husband also contacted this ministry, because he also needs deliverance because of sexual abuse in his past. Please pray for opportunities, Gods guidance and provision. Also, I am doing EMDR sessions with a non-Christian counselor, prayers are welcome for this to go well and to protect my faith.
·         – Furthermore, me and my Christian girlfriend have decided to quit the friendship and to reject each other. She has multiple issues and was very jealous on me and lots of things in my life. Pray for me to heal from the emotional hurt and trust damage from this. Pray for healthy and Godly friendships for me.
·         – Please pray for us, to be able to live in our house with an abundance of peace, shalom, protection, fruitfulness and goodness. Our marriage isn’t working. I am thinking about divorce. We need a lot of wisdom, healing and breakthroughs. When it comes to our marriage and our finances. Because I have to recover more from a traumatic childbirth, I can’t start to work yet and maybe I can’t start to work sooner than January. That frustrates me. Hopefully there will be a job that I can start doing as soon as it is possible and hopefully I am ready enough by then to make it a good experience.
·         – We still need many financial miracles and provisions.
·         – For a Job for me that fulfills me with purpose and fills me with Joy
·         – Sometimes I am afraid to lose my faith. I hope to stay close to Christ and to remain in Him. And to stay humble, and stay away from arrogancy and pride, stubbornness, my own wisdom etc. Please also pray for me to forgive a Christian ministry where I went to and that gave me lots of bad and harmful experiences.

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