Ahttps://www.presstv.ir/Detail/2022/01/15/674803/Japan-US-Okinawa-COVID-19-troops. Lord, I’ve

Ahttps://www.presstv.ir/Detail/2022/01/15/674803/Japan-US-Okinawa-COVID-19-troops. Lord, I’ve just heard the order US troops to continue to shelter in place for an extended period until 1-24-22.Staying on military bases, not being able to travel freely or to see others who don’t live with US troops. Help US troops who miss being able to visit with friends. Help US troops who miss eating at their favorite restaurants. Help US troops who miss hugging. Help US troops who thrive on their routine but that’s down the drain. Help US troops who feel unproductive and useless. Help US troops know they have to do this for safety’s sake, but who are social people. Help US troops who feel depressed and just plain lonely. Help US troops who yearn for in-person contact.Please help US troops be strong during this time, dear God. Help US troops stop feeling sorry for themselves. Assure US troops that there’s going to be an end to this confinement. Give US troops strength and courage and guide US troops in ways they may help someone else. You have promised You will always be with US troops, even to the end of the age. Remind them of that. I do trust you, Lord, and I believe You will see US troops through this trial, as You always have in the past.Father, I bind all of satan’s evil spirits that are in US troops’ presence, in their bases and anywhere they will go today.Father, according to Your Word in Matthew 16 and 18, You have given US troops the Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven and whatever I bind and loose on earth shall be bound and loosed in heaven. I ask You, if it is Your Will, to loose Your mighty warring angels in great abundance into US troops’ presence; and any areas that they may be in today Father, it is written in Psalms 91 and Matthew 6, that You are our deliverer and I ask that You give US troops, total freedom, total liberty, and total salvation from all evil that may try to interfere with Your Will for US troops while they are in lockdown. Father, I ask You to give US troops deliverance from all sickness, addictions, anger and influences of satan. I ask You Lord to deliver US troops from all bitterness, resentment and past memories that are keeping from moving forward and making the best of their lives while they are in lockdown. I ask You Lord to help US troops to use this time to develop a closer relationship with You, Lord. In faith, Lord, I am thanking You for giving US troops total freedom, liberty and salvation from all these things according to Your will. May these deliverances be used to glorify You, Father and become a testimony to You and to all of the US troops and base workers that will come in contact with while in lockdown Father, I ask You to render harmless and nullified, destroyed and cancelled the power of any plans that satan might have for US troops while they are in lockdown. Father, I ask You to fill US troops with your Holy Spirit and with all the fruits of Your Spirit including Your love, joy, peace, into them a spirit of repentance, conviction, and wisdom. I ask that You Lord, continue to release Your presence and Your glory in and around US troops and the bases that they are in. In Jesus name I pray.FYI 55,000 Okinawa Japan lockdown 1/10/22-1/24/22 on military bases.

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