Good day, Please pray

Good day,
Please pray for:
• My new job that will start with a training period from Monday the 6th of march, next month. As customer service (rules and regulations) at RVO, a governmental financial body, for mostly entrepreneurial questions for subsidies.
• I have to learn a lot, all sorts of laws and rules, regulations for clients to go more environmentally friendly most of all, about the agenda to get more green etc and be more innovative.
• !!!-> My husband, Karsten, has an important EXAM for his job at Tuesday the 14th of march at 13.00 PM CET which he needs to pass in order to continue his work at an (travel) insurance company. For stability and continued success and fulfillment, and for steady, good work results and test results.

Please continue to pray for me and my new job:
· That I will be and stay open, positive, motivated, committed and fully go for this opportunity
· That it will be and stay a success
· That I will be fully prepared, equipped and ready!
· That the training period, two weeks from 6 till 18th march will go very well for me
· That I will be an excellent worker in this function for God’s glory and their satisfaction
· For me for God’s wisdom, energy, discernment for this job
· For me to fit will into the team with all the co-workers and have good work ethics and relations
· For me for God’s protection / covering / and anointing over me to deliver great work for this company, also with all the people involved (I will work mostly Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays)
· More overall joy, peace, shalom, happiness
· Protection, safety, wisdom, guidance, stability of faith
· healing and deliverance meetings I am having.
· Our marriage.
· Increase in income (also for some building projects our house needs), more finances, for governmental aid and other financial support and allowances to receive.


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