Please pray God

Please pray God continue to pour out his Holy Spirit on us and for unquenchable holy fire. Please pray God’s will be done in my mom and my living situations and that we not be alone. Pray God bless me and my mom with peace. Pray to be equally yoked and that neither of us would be alone or desperate in any way. Pray God cast out all fear with his perfect love and for freedom to worship God. Pray God’s will be done in my mother’s and my relationship and that God help me submit to HIS will in our relationship where I’m not in Jesus name. Pray for a spirit of Elijah. Pray for love and peace in alignment with God’s will. Pray God be kind and merciful to me and help me understand his will, give me faith, zeal and boldness in alignment with his will in my situation and help me trust him and believe in him. Pray every demon interfering with my mother and my ability and desire to worship God be cast out in the name of Jesus and never come back in Jesus name. Pray God remove every hindrance and mountain in the way of me and my mom worshiping God in all the ways he wants us to in Jesus name. Pray we would both have worshipful, prayerful, thankful hearts full of joy, peace, faith and love in Jesus name. Pray we’d be abundantly blessed in this in Jesus name. Pray the Holy Spirit would not be quenched and the devil be cast completely out of this family and household in Jesus name. Pray God’s kingdom come and will be done, for grace and that God keep us from all hard testing/harm/evil in Jesus name. Pray every ancestral curse break in Jesus name.

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