Please pray protection

Please pray protection over woman who is being threatened by ex husband getting out of prison tomorrow. He is a meth addict and a dangerous man. Please pray she is not harmed Lord’s protection cover her and keep evil from approaching her.

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  1. M

    My dear brother : say this to that woman : You are protected by Jesus himself , trust in him , there is no one in this world who could ever hurt you while you are under the Christ protection. That one who has saved from the Devil claws , the same person is able to save you from man’s evil also.
    Walk in street with peace cos your saviour is just walking beside of you ,
    sleep in your bed with peace cos your guardian angel is guarding you in nights ,
    Trust in Jesus , he is able to protect you , that is why he is called : the Lord Jesus Christ. If Jesus is not able to protect you , then he is not the son of living God anymore. Trust in him and you will pick up the fruits of that relationship with him. in his precious name … amen.

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