What constitutes “praying

What constitutes “praying without ceasing” 1 Thessalonians 5:17 Jesus I am not feeling very good today will you please heal me from whatever I am struggling with, Would you please Jesus take this burden of having to pay off this massive student loan debt, this vaccine mandate that was issued by this non elected president, I’m asking that my coworkers do not have to come into the office once every two weeks, and are allowed to continue to work from home while me and my new boss works from the office, would you please Jesus continue to remove these evil people who are being used by Satan from me and my mothers lives, last week I felt we were moving forward Jesus, with several things, this week, I feel we’re slipping back into the same Satanic rut I have lived for the past 21 years. I honor you, and I honor your choices, and direction, but I feel this evil interference which is adding confusion, and misguiding me in my life. I truly appreciate everything you have shown me and have done for me, and I really hope and was expecting to continue to move past this evil that has hampered, and plagued me and my mother for so long. I am asking you Jesus to please protect us, help guide us and open new doors of opportunities, in your name Jesus I pray amen, I have no answers, no clue what is going on and I ask for the trails and tribulations and ongoing constant testing be ceased and discontinued, and let there be nothing but good, and prosperity going forward, in your name Jesus I pray amen

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