AFather, We come before

We come before You to petition the court of heaven for immediate intervention on behalf of Christians. Father, by Jesus’ blood, Christians have been purchased. They belong
to Jesus, not to USA’s government. They do not belong to the politicians, those in the CDC, FDA, NIH, the technology, mass or social industries or corrupt politicians and lawmakers. Others did not shed their blood or bear the weight of our sin as Jesus has; they have no legitimate
claim to our lives. They seek to make us their slaves, and in the process they are inflicting
injury, disability and death upon innocent lives. These modern day Egyptians and Pharaohs arrogantly believe they have the right and the power to injure Christians. But, they did not give us our life or our rights; You did. They do not have the right to strip Christians of the right to life and liberty that You gave us. They use their power and position to make others their
slaves, and the structures that allow for this sort of abuse of power must be dismantled.
By Jesus blood, my Lord and Savior, I humbly yet boldly come to you now in
the time of our need. Please, O God, do not resist this petition. We have failed to honor You. We have rebelled. We are guilty of
shedding innocent blood through the abortion industry and the demand to legalize the murder of
babies at whim. We have turned to idols and rejected Your law in so many ways, yet we plead for mercy. We truly do not deserve it, but we know how merciful and gracious You are. You have said in Your word that You do not wish that any person would perish, but all would come to the saving
knowledge of Jesus. Please forgive us and help us. Send Your angels on assignment to overturn unjust laws and help us save our children.
Father, please send out Your command to the earth and allow Your word to run very swiftly. We ask You to establish Your word, for it is written in that You have given Christians the
power to execute vengeance on nations and punishment on peoples; to bind their kings with fetters of iron and execute the written judgment of Your word.
We petition in the court of heaven
that You would release angels to bind the spirits of Pride, Greed, Fear and Intimidation, Lust,
Idolatry, Witchcraft and Chaos in the name and authority of the Lord Jesus. We petition the court to release angels to dismantle ungodly authority structures, completely collapse corrupt
establishments, release the whistleblowers, execute justice against the wicked and corrupt with
evil agendas, and establish righteousness in Jesus name.
Oh righteous judge, I come before you to ask that Christians would be spared in the day of calamity, God. Christians, Israel, are not forsaken, nor Judah those who praise You. By our
God, the Lord of Hosts, though our land has been filled with sin against the Holy One of Israel, let Christians be preserved.
We declare this is the time of the Lord’s recompense towards His people, for the judgment of those
who conspire to harm innocent life has reached to heaven. Let the arrows be released into the enemy’s camp. Let the evil kingdoms be broken and destroyed Let Your hand be stretched out against the destroying mountains.
We declare the LORD is a great God and a great King above all gods.For You are the LORD Most High over all the earth; You are exalted far
above all gods. We declare You O God have performed mighty deeds with Your arm; You have scattered those who are proud in the thoughts of their hearts. We declare that you frustrate the devices of the crafty so that their hands cannot carry out their plans. You catch the wise in their own craftiness and the counsel of the cunning comes quickly upon
We declare the King of heaven should be honored for all Your works are true and Your ways just, and
You are able to humble those who walk in pride.
Blessed be the LORD who delivered us from the hand of the Egyptians and from the hands of political pharaohs, and who delivered the people from under the hand of the Egyptians. We know that the
LORD is greater than all gods: for in the thing wherein they dealt proudly He was above them.
Father, there are corrupt politicians, lawmakers, judges, those that work at the CDC, NIH, FDA, and those in the technology, mass or social industries that have conspired against Christians. They have conspired for the sake of
evil gain, and have plotted against the lives of the innocent. They seek to destroy our children. Christians, LORD. Let the curse enter the house of the thief that consumes their entire house.
We specifically address the founders of the progressive socialists, Marxist, communists, those employed at the top levels of institutions. I address those
responsible for overturning and silencing the voice of the American people and others that are at
the forefront of political corruption. You know everyone and everything that has been done in secret, Lord. Bring their evil deeds out of hiding so that true motives can be evaluated by all.
Those that have conspired to do injustice and oppression. These people have committed crimes
against Christians for selfish gain, and we ask that You cut off their ability to continue in evil. We
ask You to consider their actions against Christians and deal with them as You see fit. Not as we
will, but as You will, God.
Let ungodly stewards be deposed from their office and let another righteous people take their
place. Let their authority be stripped from them. Let those businesses who make their gain through immoral means and get rich at the expense of the well-being of others wither and dry up immediately. As You cursed the fig tree and it
supernaturally dried up overnight, let the same be done to corrupt businesses or manufacturers and those
who conspire to profit by violence against innocent children and Christians of this nation.
Father, these people have rejoiced at destroying Christians. They have murdered doctors that have understood the
amount of corruption and took a stand against it. They have silenced whistle blowers and destroyed
their families. They have willfully destroyed others and rejoiced in it. They conspire to rob Your
people of health and life. Let the weapons of your armory be opened. Bring out the weapons of Your
indignation. Let Your arrows be released to carry out the judgment
against those bearing the oppressing sword. Those oppressing Christians have refused to let them
go. We ask You for judgment with mercy against those that refuse to let Christians be free.Father, expose the wrongdoing, the corruption, and the harm that the CDC, NIH, FDA, corrupt businesses or manufacturers are perpetuating against our children and against Christians of this nation. Give us judges that
aren’t bought off with a bribe. Your promise is that You would give us good judges and wise counselors. Please give us our liberty back, in Jesus name. Show Your power, Lord.
You are the Lord of Hosts. Let our Redeemer thoroughly plead our case. Give us rest from evil
taskmasters and against evil princes that oppress Christians.
We declare a sword of justice is against the mighty that seek to perpetuate evil plans and conspire
against our children.
We declare a sword is against their treasures and they will be robbed.
We declare that that You have crushed Your foes and you have stricken down our enemies. You have given us the necks of our enemies and their heads authority have been removed from them in Jesus name.Let the power of the wicked be broken.
Father, it is written where You affirmed that “captives would be taken from warriors and plunder retrieved from the fierce; You said that You would contend with those that
contend with us, and our children You would save.We declare these evil powers’ ability to multiply, take dominion and subdue others is cut off, for
their master has already been defeated. It is written that the ruler of this world has been judged, and it is written that the ruler of this world shall be cast out. Your word, let him be cast out of these systems now in Jesus name.Let those that have been caught in the enemy’s snare escape and turn to You, O God. Convict their
consciences. Let them repent and be saved in Jesus name.
We declare that You will ruin the enemy’s plans and remove the crown from those unworthy to govern.
You will give the right to rule to the people
who will rule in righteousness, and those You have chosen.
We declare ungodly thrones are overturned and the power of foreign kingdoms are shattered. You have
overthrown the driving forces and those that are in league with evil forces.
We ask You to overturn ungodly bills and laws such as OSHA vaccine mandate and others like it that mandate forced vaccinations against Christians. Give Your favor to the lawyers and plaintiffs that stand up
against these ungodly institutions and lawmakers. Help them God, because they are fighting
Goliath for all of us. Let the injustices be overturned in Jesus name.
Father, Your word tells us that You will save us and our seed from captivity.
Your word declares that You will take the captives of the mighty away from
them and You will contend with those that contend with us. You promised to save our children. We
thank You for Your promise. We thank You that You are a God of justice.
We thank You, Father, that the idols of evil thrones are broken. We thank you that the bows of the
mighty men, the governors, deputies and other corrupt politicians are broken. We thank You that evil shield bearers that protect the ungodly from judgment and thwart
justice for the oppressed are taken down and removed. We thank You that You have pleaded our case
and taken vengeance for Christians. Your kingdom come, Jesus,
Your will be done; on earth as it is in heaven. In Jesus name.
We pray for victory in cases of multiple plaintiffs vs. the progressive socialists, Marxist, communist to halt and
overturn OSHA vaccine mandate. We pray for Your favor to help the legal counsel YOU have chosen to represent this case, and others
like it. Empower them as Your agents to overturn injustice, take dominion away from those that
perpetuate evil, and implement justice for the oppressed. Position yourself around them and the
plaintiffs as a shield, and let Your favor grant them the judgment that corrects this injustice
against Christians. Father, help them to obtain the judgment that overturns OSHA vaccine mandate and others similar in nature.
We ask You to give the men and women of your choosing the wisdom that the enemy cannot contradict
nor refute. Bless them with discernment, the Spirit of understanding, prophetic insight and
foresight. Grant them the ability to formulate and implement excellent strategy against all
adversaries and enemies. Help them to be unpredictable to the lawyers and legal counsel
representing the progressive socialists, marxists, communists. Send out the weapons out of your armory that will create fear
and confusion in the enemy camp and eliminate the progressive socialists, marxist, communist’s ability to create a strong defense.
Jesus, show the counsel for the progressive socialists, marxists, communists that You are not on their side fighting
ungodly battles with them. Show them that You have delivered them into the hands of those working
against injustice. Let them know there is no way they can win. Demoralize the enemy and cause them
to lose hope in their ungodly leaders. Release the fear of the Lord into their lives. Let them
lose hope in themselves and know that they cannot defeat this defense team. Show them that YOU are
fighting for Christians.
We ask you to create calculated disorder to weed out, pluck up and remove ungodly authority and all
those determined to fight for this evil agenda. Create enmity where it’s needed in order to divide
loyalties and tear apart the progressive socialists, marxists, communist’s defense strategy. Thin out enemy forces and
cause them to retreat, give up, and utterly take themselves out of the battle. Feed the enemy’s
paranoia by convincing them that those they are fighting are superior in every way and have
capabilities that they cannot match. Release information that convinces them they have already lost
so that they will admit their defeat. We pray that You hand select the judges that will hear and decide in this case. Let Your will be delivered as the final judgment in these cases, not the
will of man. Give the plaintiffs a judge that cannot be bought, bribed or intimidated but will
truly decide with justice, equity and righteousness. Let our prayers come before you and may You
send Your help in answered prayer quickly, Lord. May it bring you great glory. In Jesus name.

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